And I’m off….

I’m currently sitting in the airport, and this whole thing feels very surreal. I figured it would have hit me by now, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. I guess it’s possible that I’m just going to remain weirdly calm about this whole thing, but I don’t see that as very likely. Maybe I’ll start to panic when I get to Grenoble and can’t find a place to live or can’t figure out how to open a bank account…plenty of opportunities for that to happen.

Regardless, I know I’ll eventually figure those things out however long it takes me, and I know that this experience is going to be incredible. Getting paid a living stipend (not very much) to live in Grenoble, work 12 hours a week (like what?), and hopefully travel all over Europe while I’m at it…pretty much the opportunity of a lifetime I would say.

If you’re reading this and you have studied/lived abroad or traveled extensively through Europe, any suggestions or recommendations you might have for me would be greatly appreciated!

Next time I write I will have arrived in my new home for the next 7 months 🙂 Au revoir!

P.S. If my head is cut off in the picture above let me know…I’m not a WordPress pro yet, and I was having some issues.


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