No Longer Homeless!

It has been an eventful week and a half since I last posted…sorry if this one gets a bit long. 

Probably the most significant event was that I signed a lease and moved into my new apartment! It is a “colocation” with a french university student, Axel, and an American guy also in my TA program, Jake. After obsessively checking for a week straight (France’s craigslist), calling about 30 people and seeing about 10 apartments, I have to say it’s a huge relief to check that off my list.  And, Axel cooked a delicious meal the first night I got here so the roomie situation is looking good 🙂 The apartment itself is pretty nice (has an oven and a freezer which is pretty rare) in a great location so I’m no complaints here. Felt SO good to finally unpack my suitcases and start to settle in somewhere permanent.

One of my main goals here in Grenoble is to live like a local and hang out with French people rather than just my fellow english-speaking TAs all the time (although they’re all awesome). In the past week I got coffee with a friend of a friend, Clémentine, and had dinner with a couple of French guys, Pierre and Fabrice as well as my friend Katy. All great people – so hopefully I’ll see them more than once. 

In the past week and a half I also planned my trip for the upcoming Vacances de Toussaints! Pretty crazy that we’re about to have 2 weeks off when we just started, but I’m pretty pumped. My fellow frenchie friends, Kalyna, Elena and I are going to Annecy, Geneva, Berlin, and Vienna. Next time I blog will probably be on that trip! 

Aside from those main events, I also found out I’ll have 3 more visitors in the next couple months (woop woop!), bought wi-fi for the apartment, tried chartreuse (liquor made in this area), tried running up the Bastille (fail) and got my first week of work under my belt.

I can already tell how quickly this 7 months is gonna pass by. Trying to soak it all in.

Meal of the week: Pasta made by Greta, a fellow Italian TA, and salad made by Maria, a TA from Jordan, with the best homemade dressing I have ever tasted. 

Highlight of the week: New apartment, duh!

Random thoughts/observations:

  • A bunch of kids asked me about Barack Obama and our election this week. They knew all about it and wondered if I was voting for the “woman whose husband had been president” or the “really rich ugly guy” which I think is pretty impressive for 6-10 year olds. 
  • Toilets are separate from bathrooms here which actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it.
  • All over France they have these markets kind of like garage sales where a lot of people bring stuff that they would like to sell. There was one really close to where I was staying last week which was fun to check out.



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