Vacances: Annecy & Geneva

Vacation was wonderful. We visited 4 awesome cities, saw lots of beautiful sites, ate far too much delicious food, and learned a few things along the way. Success! I was going to do a separate blog post for each city, but I decided that was a little excessive. I’m gonna do 2 posts with 2 cities in each instead.

Annecy aka “Venice of the Alps”

We took a pit stop in Annecy on our way to Geneva because we had heard great things, and in my opinion, it lived up to the hype. It has a couple canals running through it (hence the Venice connection) and is situated right next to a big lake. It was absolutely beautiful, and I felt at home walking around Lake Annecy 🙂

Highlight: Not counting the picturesque town and lake, the Raclette sandwiches we ate for lunch. Raclette is a type of cheese that gets heated up and once it’s melted it gets scraped off the wheel right onto your sandwich or potatoes (more on that later). Seriously SO good.

Recommendations: La Fermette for Raclette sandwiches

Geneva aka the third most expensive city in the world 

Yep, that’s an actual fact. Fortunately for us, we got to stay with some of my cousin’s family friends who moved to Switzerland 20ish years ago so we saved some money in that regard. Not only that, but they were the most welcoming and generous hosts – completely went above and beyond for people they had never even met. We ate several delicious meals including: melted Raclette scraped onto potatoes with charcuterie, onions and little cornichons, shrimp gumbo, and the best quiche I have ever tasted…not an exaggeration. Their meals always consisted of the main course, followed by salad, then cheese, and finally a piece of chocolate with coffee or tea. I could certainly get used to that. They also had a really cute dog – always a plus!

Geneva, also next to the huge Lac Léman, is beautiful, and there is a lot to see there. Caroline and Bill took us up to a lookout where we could see Mont Blanc on one side and the city of Geneva on the other, plus some paragliders…pretty cool! They also took us to an awesome open air market which was basically the only thing open since its illegal for stores to be open on Sundays in Switzerland – crazy! Caroline said it was hard to adjust to this at first when they moved, but she learned to love her relaxing Sundays, and Bill cooks dinner every Sunday evening 🙂 Some of our other activities included botanical gardens, riding water taxis, a tour of the UN Palais des Nations and visiting the Red Cross museum. The UN headquarters was probably my favorite!

Highlight: Pretty sure it goes without saying…our incredible hosts: The Lanevilles. And of course, Swiss chocolate in all its forms.

Recommendations: UN Palais des Nations, Hotel Bristol for a relatively good priced cup of Swiss hot cocoa (6.50 francs), and Bains des Paquis for one of the most reasonably priced lunches in Geneva (recommended by Caroline and it checked out!)

Up next: Berlin and Vienna!



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