VACANCES: Amsterdam

Continuing on with my vacation which was a month ago…

Amsterdam aka the city that lives up to all its stereotypes to a T

Amsterdam has been at the top of my list for a long time and I finally got to cross it off! A couple of my friends here expressed their confusion as to why it was at the top of my list when I don’t partake in the city’s main “attraction”…but I guess I more associate Amsterdam with the cute buildings that line the canals running all throughout the city and the museums…especially the Anne Frank House. Well, the city lived up to my expectations as well as its typical stereotypes. Besides strolling all throughout the city which I could easily do for hours on end without getting bored, Alyssa and I checked out a couple museums, did an obligatory walk through the red light district at night, passed by (and smelled) many “coffee shops”, drank some Heineken, ate some particularly delicious food, and saw the movie Lion (which, pro tip…if you see a movie in English with subtitles in a language you don’t speak…make sure the whole movie is all in English. We definitely don’t speak Hindi or Dutch so half the movie was a bit of a struggle.)

I waited in line for the Anne Frank Museum for about 2 hours in the rain, and in my opinion, it was well worth it! It was so powerful. I’ve read Anne Frank’s diary and heard her story many times in different forms, but seeing her family’s hideout accompanied by voiceovers of things she wrote took the power of her story to a new level. If we would have been more on top of it, we could have reserved tickets ahead of time to avoid the wait, but they were sold out by the time we looked into that. There was also a Banksy exhibit going on at Moco Museum when we were there and it was AWESOME! I am now a bit obsessed with street art. If you’re unfamiliar with Banksy, I highly recommend looking him up and watching a documentary. Pretty fascinating. If we had had a little more money to spend we probably would have checked out the Van Gogh museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Heineken Brewery, etc., but I was really happy with what we got to do.

Overall, Amsterdam and our trip as a whole was fantastic. I’m so happy I got to go and would love to go back when its warmer and the flowers are abloom. It would be magical.

Highlight: Anne Frank House. Also eating Korean food – newfound appreciation.

Recommendations: Seoul Food, Mook Pancakes (pancakes with veggies and hummus…who knew it could be so good?), checking out some museums.


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