Final Countdown: Take 2

Rather than counting down the days until I depart on an adventure, I am now counting down the days until I head back to home sweet home. As of today, I have exactly two weeks left as a Grenobloise. How has time passed so quickly? AH!

While I’m not at all looking forward to saying goodbye to this life and the people I’ve gotten to know here, I am pretty excited to be back with the family just in time for summer in Minnesota, welcoming a new nephew and celebrating an engagement 🙂 Feeling mixed emotions sums it up nicely.

Well we have a lot to catch up on so I’m going to start by catching you all up on my life’s most recent happenings. Then I’ll go back and recap my most recent trips in my next posts.

School ended two weeks ago. In an attempt to make Minnesota relevant to the next generation of French children, I spent my last week presenting the “4 Seasons of Minnesota” to each of my classes. Many of them asked me to bring them home with me so I think I was successful 🙂 As I left, the kids were adorable giving me hugs, refusing to let go of my hands and flooding me with cute cards which featured many misspelled words and British flags. I’ll miss the little dudes, but I have to say I’m not going to miss teaching very much.

2017-04-12_17-41-08_583 (1)
Portrait of me drawn by a student. Ha.

With a few weekend trips and then a week-long trip mixed into my last month and a half abroad, it has certainly been event/adventure/fun-filled. Much of my dwindling time in Grenoble has been spent trying new restaurants, hanging out with friends, and just soaking in the French lifestyle. One of my first priorities when I get home will be tracking down a Lebanese restaurant because my friend Alyssa and I went to one here for our farewell dinner, and let’s just say I have a newfound love.

Unfortunately, my last few weeks haven’t been all good. This past Sunday, my backpack which included my cellphone, wallet, and apartment keys was stolen while I was hanging out at a park with friends. Therefore, much of my last week has been spent putting all those pieces back together and trying to figure out if its possible to buy a new phone abroad that might still work with Verizon back home. ( If anyone has tips please let ya girl know :/ )   While that isn’t exactly what I had planned for one of my last weeks, I’m thankful that it wasn’t any worse, that I still have my passport and that my friends were so helpful after it happened. Let’s hope my last week and a half are a little less stressful 🙂 Despite the stolen backpack, I did go on a great hike with friends this past week. There was a random bout of whipping snow as we got to the top of Chamchaude, and none of us were dressed warm enough, but it cleared up and warmed up enough for us to enjoy our descent. The views were pretty incredible.

As I reflect on my time here, I have decided to leave you all with a list of things I’m going to miss about living in France as well as things I’m looking forward to having back in my life in the U.S.

Disclaimer: These lists are superficial. Obviously the people are the biggest part of why I’m sad to leave and also looking forward to being home…but this list will focus on other important things aka food.

Things I will miss from living in France:

  • cheese that’s so good and so cheap
  • same goes for the wine
  • boulangeries at every corner with the best baguettes, sandwiches and quiches
  • slower-paced & more relaxed lifestyle
  • speaking the language
  • ease of travel within France and the EU & great public transportation within the cities
  • Grenoble’s mountains

Things I’m looking forward to in the U.S.:

  • shopping at Target and Traders Joe’s
  • Mexican food – I swear I’ve been craving nachos and a margarita since I stepped off the plane in September
  • driving a car – honestly I much prefer being able to walk and take public transport wherever I need to go, but I haven’t driven in 7 months and I miss it
  • buffalo sauce and peanut butter (main staples of my diet at home) at my disposal
  • the lakes
  • better beer/craft breweries

Alrighty that’s all for now! Stay tuned for updates on my last few trips.



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